dependence on the birth season of the antibody level against west nile virus in the pakistani population.variation of antibody level against west nile (wn) virus depending on the season of birth was followed among 151 paired serum samples of healthy pakistani persons in karachi, collected twice in july and october, 1985. the persons born during the months between february and june had lower positive antibody rate and lower responsiveness in haemagglutination inhibition and neutralizing tests against wn virus than those born during the other months. this phenomenon implies that the ability to produc ...19882899960
a measles outbreak in sindh, pakistan caused by a genotype b3 virus.measles continues to be a major public health issue causing substantial outbreaks worldwide, mostly affecting young children. molecular analysis of measles viruses provides important information on outbreak linkages and transmission pathways that can be helpful towards implementation of appropriate control programs. in pakistan, the control of measles is still tenuous, and progress towards elimination has been irregular and challenging. in the 2013 measles outbreak we received 4,682 sera collect ...201728803415
the immune function and measles virus infection in three different socioeconomic child populations in karachi, pakistan.the immune function as well as anti-measles virus antibody level were investigated with 111 children in karachi who were classified into high-, middle- and low-income groups. no difference in the blood cell counts or the biochemical data among three groups indicates no marked difference in the general health conditions among them. in the low-income group, levels of igg, iga and anti-measles virus antibody were significantly higher than those in the other two groups. although 30% of children of t ...19947853750
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