measles in suburban khartoum: an epidemiological and clinical study.clinical and epidemiological data were collected from 187 clinically diagnosed measles patients in haj yousif area, suburban khartoum. laboratory tests confirmed the diagnosis in 141 (75%) of the cases, but demonstrated that in 46 (25%) patients the clinical symptoms were not caused by an acute measles virus (mv) infection. according to their vaccination card, 59% of the laboratory-confirmed measles cases had been vaccinated for measles. compared with non-measles rash disease cases, confirmed me ...200212000654
prevention of measles in sudan: a prospective study on vaccination, diagnosis and epidemiology.despite the availability of safe and effective live attenuated vaccines, measles continues to be endemic in many developing countries. control and elimination of measles will be especially difficult in east africa, because of its limited infrastructure and political instability. we have studied diagnostic and epidemiological aspects of measles in suburban khartoum, sudan. prospective studies were carried out in a cohort of clinically diagnosed measles cases and in a cohort of newborns, which wer ...200111257343
serological and virological characterization of clinically diagnosed cases of measles in suburban khartoum.measles continues to be a major childhood disease in terms of global morbidity and mortality. in the main areas of its endemicity the only available means of diagnosis are based on clinical criteria: the presence of a maculopapular rash and fever accompanied by cough, coryza, and/or conjunctivitis. we have studied 38 clinically diagnosed cases of measles in khartoum, sudan, by means of serology, reverse transcriptase pcr (rt-pcr) on throat swabs and virus isolation from lymphocytes. on the basis ...200010698984
genetic characterization of wild-type measles viruses circulating in suburban khartoum, 1997-2000.measles remains endemic in many east african countries, where it is often associated with high morbidity and mortality. we collected clinical specimens from sudanese measles patients between july 1997 and july 2000. sequencing of the 3' 456 nucleotides of the nucleoprotein gene from 33 measles virus (mv) isolates and 8 rna samples extracted from clinical specimens demonstrated the presence of a single endemic mv strain with little sequence variation over time (overall nucleotide divergence of 0 ...200212029159
surveillance of measles in the sudan using filter paper blood samples.dried blood spots collected on filter paper are considered potential clinical specimens for measles surveillance because of their ease of collection, storage, and transport. the usefulness of these samples for surveillance of measles was evaluated in a field setting. blood spots were collected by finger-prick from 316 clinically diagnosed measles patients in suburban khartoum, mostly within a week after onset of the rash. samples were collected between october, 2000 and april, 2003, and stored a ...200415221910
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