genetic characterization and progression of b3 measles genotype in ethiopia: a study of five measles outbreak of the countries where measles remains endemic is ethiopia. previously, sequence data from measles viruses (mv) circulating in ethiopia were obtained from clinical specimens. now the ethiopian health and nutrition research institute (enhri) has implemented cell culture techniques to isolate measles virus and molecular epidemiologic studies can be generated more easily.200818711993
measles virus strains circulating in ethiopia in 1998-1999: molecular characterisation using oral fluid samples and identification of a new genotype.a measles outbreak in december 1998 in bedelle (vaccine coverage <40%) and two sporadic cases in addis ababa, ethiopia, were investigated. paired serum and oral fluid samples were collected 2-8 days after the onset of symptoms. a total of 53 of 55 outbreak cases and both sporadic cases were positive for serum measles virus-specific igm. oral fluid measles-specific igm was positive in 71% of cases collected up to 5 days after onset and in 90% collected at 6-8 days. by contrast, 100% of oral fluid ...200111536247
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