the evaluation of vaccination against measles at nine months of age (report of an epidemic).sixteen measles cases were studied during an epidemic that broke out in etimesgut district of ankara. eight of these children had never been vaccinated against measles while the remainder had been vaccinated at nine months of age. in the sera obtained during the course of the illness, anti-measles antibody was not detectable in six vaccinated children and in four unvaccinated children. upon observing the siblings of the subjects, it was determined that one out of three who had not been vaccinate ...19921485379
[evaluation of 44 pediatric measles cases detected in ankara, turkey during 2012-2013 epidemic and molecular characterization of the viruses obtained from two cases].elimination of measles and rubella until the end of 2015 in parallel with the "world health organization (who) europe region's measles elimination" work-up has been targetted and "measles elimination program'' has been carried out since 2002 in turkey. due to the routine vaccination programmes the number of the vaccinated children have increased and epidemic incidences have been falling. however, imported measles cases from europe and other neighboring countries have been observed in turkey in t ...201424819263
measles seroprevalence of an adolescent population vaccinated with a single dose of measles vaccine before their first birthday.this study determined the age-specific measles seroprevalence of an adolescent population in ankara vaccinated with a single dose of measles vaccine before their first birthday. the study sample included 440 adolescents (227 female, 213 male) aged 9-16 years admitted to the adolescent outpatient clinic of hacettepe university faculty of medicine. for each participant, a questionnaire was completed and measles specific igg antibodies screened quantitatively by the enzyme linked immunosorbent assa ...200516445072
[short communication: the sensitivity of measles diagnosis by physicians and families during an intraepidemic period in edirne: implications for measles surveillance].measles is still a leading cause of death among young children, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine for the past 40 years. euro region of world health organisation including turkey has targeted elimination of measles by the year 2010. it is concluded that there must be a sensitive surveillance system to investigate all suspicious measles cases, and diagnosis should be based on both standardized case definition and laboratory confirmation. standardized case definition based n ...200818444573
[investigation of west nile virus in central nervous system infections of unknown etiology in ankara, turkey].arthropod-borne viral infections have recently gained considerable attention and importance as re-emerging infections in a global scale. west nile virus (wnv), a member of flaviviridae, is an enveloped positive strand rna virus that is usually transmitted to humans by the bite of culicine mosquitoes. although the majority of the human infections are asymptomatic, wnv may also cause febrile and neuro-invasive diseases. seroprevalence data from turkey indicate that wnv activity is present in centr ...201020549960
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