measles immunization in iran.mass immunization with live measles vaccine has been carried out in rural iran since 1968. two strains have been used: primary baby calf kidney cell-adapted sugiyama strain and human diploid cell-adapted aik strain. more than 94% of the susceptible children experimentally vaccinated with either of the two vaccines have shown seroconversion. mass immunization in rural regions has covered about 80% of susceptible children. it is now recommended that the live vaccine be administered twice: the firs ...19836348917
antigen-specific lymphocyte proliferation assay and virus neutralization test for measurement of measles-specific immunity in 15-19 years old high school students in tehran, information is available concerning the role of measles-specific cell mediated immunity as a correlate of long-term protection from measles infection. although serological responses are determined in epidemiological studies and high antibody titer is a good indicator of protection, the role of cell-mediated immunity (cmi) has to be defined more clearly. in this study, lymphocyte proliferation (lp) and viral neutralization test (vnt) were used in order to measure measles-specific cellular ...200719090296
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