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the ornithodoros (alectorobius) capensis group (acarina: ixodoidea: argasidae) of the palearctic and oriental regions. o. (a.) maritimus: identity, marine bird hosts, virus infections, and distribution in western europe and northwestern 1967, vermeil and marguet described ornithodoros coniceps maritimus from larvae reared from larvae taken from marine birds on dumet island (atlantic ocean), basse bretagne, france. we collected o. (a.) coniceps canestrini, 1890, from the type locality (venice, italy) and determined that the taxons coniceps and maritimus each require full species status. we selected a lectotype and paralectotypes for the taxon maritimus from the original dumet island material. the larva of maritimus is redescr ...1976978368
[tick-transmitted arbovirus in maghreb].the problem of arbovirus infections in maghreb has been relatively neglected in the pst in spite of a rich diversity of biotopes, the presence of potential reservoirs and vectors, and their position on the flight path of the palearctic-african bird migration systems, western branch. moreover, west nile virus has been isolated from southern algeria since 1968. from 1979 to 1989, ticks were collected from wild birds, pigeons, bats, rodents, poultry, camels, wild boars, domestic mammals and man, an ...19958555772
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