west nile complement fixing antibodies in nigerian domestic animals and humans.a survey for west nile complement fixing (cf) antibody was carried out in humans and domestic animals in nigeria. human sera were obtained from two communities namely ibadan and ogbomoso but animal sera were collected from ibadan and maiduguri. the overall cf antibody to west nile virus in the two localities surveyed was 65%. of 170 persons tested, 53% and 75% were positive in ibadan and ogbomoso respectively. antibody prevalence increased with age in both communities. tests for antibody against ...19902100749
evidence of arbovirus co-infection in suspected febrile malaria and typhoid patients in nigeria.clinical symptoms of malaria and typhoid infections are virtually indistinguishable from those initially seen in many arbovirus infections. here we describe arbovirus co-infection detected in 310 sera samples collected from febrile, clinically suspected malaria/typhoid patients in borno state, nigeria.201323324821
a survey for haemagglutination-inhibiting antibody to west nile virus in human and animal sera in nigeria.a survey for west nile virus (wnv) haemagglutination-inhibition (hi) antibody was carried out in humans and domestic animals. human sera were collected from ibadan, while the animal sera were collected from both ibadan and maiduguri. out of 304 human sera tested, 123 were positive (40%). there was a higher prevalence of hi antibody in adults than children. sex distribution of positive sera showed that 37% of males and 43% of females had wnv hi antibody. there was no significant difference in the ...19902323182
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