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chemical composition and larvicidal evaluation of mentha, salvia, and melissa essential oils against the west nile virus mosquito culex pipiens.the volatile metabolites of wild-growing mentha spicata, m. longifolia, m. suaveolens, melissa officinalis, salvia fruticosa, s. pomifera subsp. calycina, and s. pomifera subsp. pomifera from greece were determined by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. the insecticidal properties of the analyzed essential oils were screened on culex pipiens larvae. additionally two of the main components of the essential oils, piperitenone oxide and 1,8-cineole were assayed against c. p ...201020405142
west nile virus circulation in mosquitoes in greece (2010-2013).background of the study. following a large west nile virus (wnv) epidemic in northern greece in 2010, an active mosquito surveillance system was implemented, for a 3-year period (2011, 2012, and 2013). description of the study site and methodology. using mainly co2 mosquito traps, mosquito collections were performed. samples were pooled by date of collection, location, and species and examined for the presence of wnv. results. positive pools were detected in different areas of the country. in 20 ...201627294111
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