persistence of tanapox in tana river valley.sera collected from inhabitants of the tana river valley in 1971 were examined for antibody to tanapox virus. neutralizing antibody was present in 16.3%. the levels of antibody and its presence in two children under the age of 10 years indicated that infection had been occurring in the area since the reported outbreak in 1962. a comparison of the incidence and distribution of antibodies in the same sera to west nile virus revealed marked similarities suggesting that tanapox, like west nile virus ...19734349335
mosquito species abundance and diversity in malindi, kenya and their potential implication in pathogen transmission.mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) are important vectors of human disease-causing pathogens. mosquitoes are found both in rural and urban areas. deteriorating infrastructure, poor access to health, water and sanitation services, increasing population density, and widespread poverty contribute to conditions that modify the environment, which directly influences the risk of disease within the urban and peri-urban ecosystem. the objective of this study was to evaluate the mosquito vector abundance and ...201121626425
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