[surveillance on severe acute respiratory syndrome associated coronavirus in animals at a live animal market of guangzhou in 2004].to study the prevalence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (sars-cov) like virus in animals at a live animal market of guanzhou in 2004 before and after culling of wild animal action taken by the local authority, in order to predict the re-emerging of sars from animal originals in this region.200515921605
pathogenicity and transmissibility of a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus h5n6 isolated from a domestic goose in southern china.since the first outbreak of h5n6 reported in laos at 2013, there has been a dramatic increase in h5n6 strains isolated from waterfowl in china, particularly southern china. however, pathogenicity and transmissibility of the virus in different birds remain largely unknown. in this study, a novel h5n6 virus, termed qy01, that belonged to group c in was isolated from an apparently healthy domestic goose in guangdong province, southern china in 2016. in order to simulate the natural transmis ...201729173583
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