chemical composition and cytotoxic and antimicrobial activity of calycotome villosa (poiret) link leaves.the chemical composition of the essential oil and methanol extract of calycotome villosa (poiret) link leaves collected in sardinia (italy) has been studied by analytical and spectroscopic methods. falcarinol and some alcohols, terpenes, furan derivatives, and paraffins have been isolated from the essential oil. thirteen alkaloids and falcarinol have been identified in the chloroform fraction of the basic methanol extract. six flavonoids and four anthraquinones have been isolated in the chlorofo ...200111482772
gram-negative bacterial toe web infection: a survey of 123 cases from the district of cagliari, italy.foot intertrigo is mostly caused by dermatophytes and yeasts, less frequently by gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. nevertheless, the importance of polymicrobial infections and especially colonizations of pseudomonas aeruginosa can cause therapy problems in relation to antibiotic resistance and the risk of potentially lethal complications.200111568743
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