whooping cough and pertussis vaccine: a comparison of risks and benefits in britain during the period 1968-83.since 1975, acceptance of pertussis vaccine has fallen from over 70% to 50% or less in most parts of britain. this permits evaluation of a continuing natural experiment in which the frequency and severity of whooping cough can be compared those of adverse events following injections of pertussis vaccine. national data show an increase in notifications of whooping cough in most parts of britain since 1975. hospital admissions show considerable variation between areas with relatively high rates in ...19853835080
whooping cough in glasgow 1969-80. 19816309971
whooping cough in relation to other childhood infections in 1977-9 in the united kingdom.estimates based upon notifications indicate that there was in the 1977-9 triennium in the united kingdom the largest outbreak of whooping cough for 20 years or more. during this triennium there was also a sharp increase in other infections diseases of childhood, notably in non-notifiable respiratory infections. isolates of certain respiratory viruses ran in parallel and collectively outnumbered those of bordetella pertussis during the period of increase in notifications. there was highly signifi ...19817299339
application of pulsed field gel electrophoresis to the 1993 epidemic of whooping cough in the uk.the purpose of this study was to dna fingerprint the majority (64%) of isolates received at the pertussis reference laboratory during the 1993 whooping cough epidemic by pulsed field gel electrophoresis of xba i-generated restriction digests. two dna restriction patterns, types 1 and 3, predominated (40% and 23%, respectively, of 180 isolates) but type 2, identified in a previous study was notably absent. twenty-one new dna types occurred (24% of isolates), some being atypical as bands 155-230 k ...19957641824
differentiation between human and ovine isolates of bordetella parapertussis using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.the genetic relatedness of 18 human and 29 ovine isolates of bordetella parapertussis was examined by macrorestriction digestion of dna with the rarely cutting enzyme xbai and resolution by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. there was clear separation of human and ovine isolates and variation within host types. the human isolates were separated into three types as were the 24 scottish ovine isolates. species-specific bands were observed with the human isolates at 114, 134, 166, 213, 346 and 372 k ...19968598269
an aetiological study of respiratory infection in children, edinburgh city hospital, 1961-1963. 196514308350
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