bordetella pertussis pcr positivity, following onset of illness in children under 5 years of age.bordetella pertussis is a significant cause of respiratory illness and an ongoing public health problem. pertussis polymerase chain reaction (pcr) testing has been widely utilised since 2001, especially in infants. uncertainty exists as to how long pcr remains positive following symptom onset. further information on the time frame for pertussis pcr testing would assist diagnosis, epidemiological research and disease control. the brisbane southside population health unit (bsphu) conducted a retro ...200717724996
analysis of bordetella pertussis pertactin and pertussis toxin types from queensland, australia, australia two acellular bordetella pertussis vaccines have replaced the use of a whole cell vaccine. both of the licensed acellular vaccines contain the following three components; pertussis toxoid, pertussis filamentous haemagglutinin and the 69 kda pertactin adhesin. one vaccine also contains pertussis fimbriae 2 and 3. various researchers have postulated that herd immunity due to high levels of pertussis vaccination might be influencing the makeup of endemic b. pertussis populations by sel ...200616542440
nested duplex pcr to detect bordetella pertussis and bordetella parapertussis and its application in diagnosis of pertussis in nonmetropolitan southeast queensland, australia.a duplex pcr to detect bordetella pertussis and bordetella parapertussis was developed with the insertion sequences is481 (b. pertussis) and is1001 (b. parapertussis) and evaluated with specimens from 520 consecutive patients presenting with possible pertussis. no culture-positive-pcr-negative results occurred, giving the method a sensitivity of 100%. for b. pertussis, 58 of 520 patients (11.2%) were positive by pcr compared to 17 of 520 patients positive (3.3%) by culture. for b. parapertussis, ...19999986820
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