uptake of a government-funded pertussis-containing booster vaccination program for parents of new babies in victoria, epidemic of bordetella pertussis in victoria, australia, led to the implementation of a government-funded vaccination program for parents of new babies. the rationale was to protect unimmunised infants from infection by vaccinating parents with a pertussis-containing vaccine. this is known as cocooning.201525728321
surveillance for bordetella pertussis infection in victoria.our aims were to describe the epidemiology of bordetella pertussis infection in victoria during the last decade and to evaluate surveillance of b. pertussis by comparing notifications with laboratory isolations and hospital diagnoses. whooping cough was once a leading cause of childhood morbidity and mortality but there was a dramatic reduction in the 1940s because of immunisation. during the last two decades, controversy about the vaccine's toxicity has resulted in waning immunisation rates and ...19948068787
whooping cough in melbourne. 19734356272
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