The impact of adolescent pertussis immunization, 2004-2009: lessons from Australia.To compare the impact of three strategies for delivering a booster dose of adult-formulated tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) vaccine to adolescents in Australia. These comprise: (i) administering Tdap to: a one-year age cohort; (ii) administering Tdap to the entire high school and to subsequent entrant cohorts; and (iii) administering Tdap to the entire high school but without continuing to immunize entrant cohorts.201121897487
use of data linkage to investigate the aetiology of acute lower respiratory infection hospitalisations in children.aim:  to document the aetiology of acute lower respiratory infection (alri) hospitalisations in western australian children by linking population-based laboratory data with hospital morbidity data. methods:  data from all alri hospitalisations and laboratory records related to respiratory pathogens between 2000 and 2005 were extracted and linked through a population-based record linkage system. the proportion of specimens that were positive for each respiratory viral or bacterial pathogen was do ...201122077532
the impact of parental postpartum pertussis vaccination on infection in infants: a population-based study of cocooning in western australia.during a pertussis epidemic in 2011-2012 the western australian (wa) department of health implemented a 'cocooning' programme, offering free pertussis-containing vaccine (dtpa) to new parents. we assessed the impact of vaccinating parents with dtpa on the incidence of pertussis infection in newborns. births in wa during 2011-2012 were linked to a register of parental pertussis vaccinations and to notified reports of laboratory-proven pertussis in children <6 months of age. parents who received d ...201526320420
the outbreak that had to happen: bordetella pertussis in north-west western australia in late 1999, an outbreak of bordetella pertussis occurred in a small town in north-west western australia. we undertook an investigation to describe the outbreak and to identify strategies to minimise the impact of future pertussis outbreaks in australia. in november, people with respiratory symptoms were reviewed in an emergency pertussis clinic, which provided antibiotic treatment or prophylaxis. we conducted a school survey to enhance case ascertainment and followed up those attending the cl ...200011225380
the serotypes of bordetella pertussis isolated in great britain between 1941 and 1968 and a comparison with the serotypes observed in other countries over this period.classification, by agglutinogens, of 634 isolates of bordetella pertussis collected from 1971 to 1968 in great britain demonstrated that a change from a predominantly 1,2,0,4 serotype (75% of those examined during 1941-4) to a predominantly 1,0,3,0 serotype (73% of those examined during 1966-8) occurred sometime after 1953. furthermore, evidence from the examination of isolates collected between 1941 and 1953 suggests that the change may have been gradual. isolates of serotype 1,2,3,4 made up 20 ...1976177703
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