[the determination of antibodies to bordetella pertussis exotoxin in donor sera and in the raw material for obtaining normal human immunoglobulin]. 19947879557
[molecular genetic characteristics of the b. pertussis strains isolated in different periods of the pertussis epidemic process].despite the fact that the mass immunization of the children population with the dpts vaccine has been carried out in the russian federation since 1959, the pertussis infection persists to be one of the pressing problems for the children population. although the vaccination coverage of the children population with pertussis vaccines is high in russia, at present time the pertussis incidence rates are increasing among schoolchildren and remain high among infants younger than 12 months old. many re ...200516334221
[molecular genetic features of structure of gene coding tracheal colonization factor in bordetella pertussis strains].comparative analysis of structure of tcfa gene coding tracheal colonization factor of bordetella pertussis strans isolated in moscow from patients with pertussis.201021061570
[dynamics of changes in pathogenic characteristics of bordetella pertussis strains].to study pathogenic characteristics of b. pertussis strains isolated from patients during different periods of pertussis infection epidemic process.200920099391
[modern strains of bordetella pertussis: immunobiological properties and vaccine improvement].strains of b. pertussis isolated from patients in moscow in 2001-2005 as well as strains included in locally produced diphtheria-tetanus-whole cell pertussis (dtp) vaccine were studied. nucleotide sequences in genes of pertactin and s1-subunit of pertussis toxin of isolated strains, their immunobiological properties and opportunity to use for producing of the acellular pertussis vaccine were determined. genes of pertactin and s1-subunit of pertussis toxin in the isolated wild strains differed fr ...200717886371
[antigenic structure of b. pertussis and its relationships to the conditions of strain circulation. ii. the serological polymorphism of b. pertussis strains isolated from sick children and experimentally]. 19744369488
[epidemic process of pertussis in moscow].materials reflecting the dynamics of pertussis morbidity during the period of 1958 - 2003 under the conditions of prolonged mass immunization of the child population with adsorbed dpt vaccine are presented. the planned vaccination of children led to the decrease of pertussis morbidity during the first 10 years, but groundless abstentions from vaccination during the 1980s - 1990s contributed to a sharp rise in morbidity among children of younger age groups. during the recent four years a rise in ...200516279532
antigenic divergence between bordetella pertussis clinical isolates from moscow, russia, and vaccine strains.we analyzed temporal changes in the frequencies of the ptxa, prn, fim2, and fim3 alleles in bordetella pertussis strains isolated from pertussis patients in moscow, russia, from 1948 to 2004. the three strains used for the whole-cell vaccine harbored the alleles ptxa2, ptxa4, prn1, fim2-1, and fim3a. vaccine-type alleles of ptxa (ptxa2 and ptxa4) were characteristic for all prevaccination strains and for 96% of the strains isolated in the 1960s and 1970s. at the beginning of the 1970s, ptxa2 and ...200717202309
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