[blood cultures: use of presumptive antiobiograms].mortality associated to bacteremia varies between 20 and 40% depending upon several factors, such as focus of infection, microorganism, host conditions, etc. it has also been documented that mortality may double when the patient does not receive antibiotic treatment to which the microorganism is susceptible. the objective of our work has been to determine the correlation between disk diffusion antibiogram according to nccls guidelines, from isolated colonies, and the one performed directly from ...200011008707
[isolation and characterization of injured coliforms from the drinking water distribution network of la plata, argentina].we screened the la plata drinking water distribution network for fecal and total coliform bacterial indicator by purification procedures, cultivating 66 membrane-filtered samples from the two networks on m-t7 agar. subterranean and river-derived water yielded 13 and 18 confirmed gram-negative bacillus isolates, with 54% and 72% representing total coliforms, respectively. those from the former source were klebsiella oxytoca, enterobacter agglomerans, and enterobacter aerogenes and from the latter ...200111407022
resistance to antibiotics in injured coliforms isolated from drinking water.we studied the antibiotic sensitivity of injured coliforms isolated from drinking water of la plata, argentina. the antibiotic sensitivity test by the agar diffusion method were proved in: klebsiella oxytoca (14 strains), enterobacter aerogenes (4 strains) and enterobacter cloacae genomic group 3 (14 strains). we found that while these impaired total coliforms were sensitive to piperacillin-tazobactam (taz), netilmicin (ntl), ofloxacin (oflx), and norfloxacin (nflx) (100%), they had resistant to ...200111471826
extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in enterobacteriaceae in buenos aires, argentina, public hospitals.resistance to extended-spectrum cephalosporins is often associated with plasmid encoded extended spectrum beta-lactamases (esbl). in order to evaluate the prevalence and diversity of esbls in enterobacteria in our city, a 1-month-period survey was carried out from april to may 2000. extended-spectrum-cephalosporin-resistant strains, isolated from inpatient clinical specimens other than stools, were collected among 17 participating hospitals. from a total of 427 enterobacterial strains that were ...200312936986
[bact-alert automatized system for blood cultures: 5 vs 7 days of incubation. first argentine multicentre study].bact-alert automatized system for blood cultures: 5 vs 7 days of incubation. first argentine multicentre study. between january and december 2001, we analyzed 80,141 blood cultures by the bact-alert system (14,960 fan aerobics, 3,855 fan anaerobic, 11,114 standards aerobics, 11,367 standards anaerobic, 12,054 pediatrics and 26,791 fan pediatrics bottles) and 44.235 series from 27.615 patients at eight hospitals of buenos aires city, one of la plata city and three of the buenos aires province. a ...200415174746
influencing factors in the occurrence of injured coliforms in the drinking water distribution system in the city of la plata, argentina.the objective of this study was to evaluate the influencing factors in the occurrence of coliforms in the drinking water in la plata (argentina) from june 1999 to june 2001. a total of 180 samples were collected from rio de la plata (102 samples) and puelche aquifer (78 samples); 45 samples were collected for each of the four seasons. the membrane filter procedure was used for isolating bacteria, and each sample was tested for chlorine and ph. the highest percentage of samples positive for colif ...201020154384
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