[enterobacteria in mineral, spring and table water].whereas coliform bacteria rank first, non-coliform enterobacteria can be isolated second in frequency from bottled mineral, spring and table waters in south bavaria. escherichia coli were found in 8, coliforms in 44 and non-coliform enterobacteria in 41 of 54 manufactories with hygienic problems. 11 different bacterial species were determined from coliforms with enterobacter cloacae occurring most numerous in 19, citrobacter freundii in 12 and enterobacter amnigenus in 7 manufactories. from non- ...19947841680
comparative analysis of the bacterial flora of vegetables collected directly from farms and from supermarkets in germany.a total of 1,001 vegetables were collected from 13 farms and 11 supermarkets in bavaria, germany; 722 samples were positive for coliforms (mostly enterobacter cloacae; n = 176). escherichia coli were detected in 34, pseudomonas spp. in 439, salmonella spp. in 1, enterococcus spp. in 682, and listeria spp. in 11 samples. prevalence of all investigated genera tended to be lower in samples collected at the supermarket. however, prevalence of pseudomonas fluorescens was higher in supermarket samples ...201121506036
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