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cross-sectional study of craniocerebral trauma in a tertiary hospital after 2008 sichuan earthquake: a brief report of 242 cases and experiences from west china hospital.we aim to analyze clinical features of patients with craniocerebral trauma after 2008 sichuan earthquake in china.201121248645
microbiological study of pathogenic bacteria isolated from paediatric wound infections following the 2008 wenchuan earthquake.on 12 may 2008, the wenchuan earthquake struck in sichuan, china. within 1 month after the earthquake, 98 injured children were admitted to the children's hospital of chongqing medical university. according to clinical manifestations, 50 children were diagnosed with wound infections. wound secretions were cultured for bacteria. pathogen distribution and drug resistance were analyzed. a total of 99 pathogens were isolated; 16 (16%) were gram-positive bacteria and 81 (82%) were gram-negative bacte ...201020095936
molecular characterization of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases produced by clinical isolates of enterobacter cloacae from a teaching hospital in china.of 59 clinical isolates of enterobacter cloacae from a teaching hospital in sichuan, china, 18 isolates were shown to be resistant to oxyimino cephalosporins and aztreonam. enterobacterial repetitive consensus pcr revealed that these isolates comprised 7 distinct genotypes. the presence of plasmids in the 18 clinical isolates was revealed by conjugational transfer of plasmids from e. cloacae to escherichia coli with the further isolation of the plasmids in the transconjugants. subsequent nucleot ...200818653970
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