bacteriological urinalysis in patients after renal transplantation.the study consisted of microbiological urinalysis performed in 269 patients after renal transplantation who remained under medical care at the outpatient service of the transplantation institute in warsaw. the patients enrolled into the study had undergone renal transplantation 6 to 72 months before urine samples were collected. 304 urinalysis were performed. in the group of 269 patients, 42 individuals had bacteria in their urine what was confirmed in 47 urine cultures. cases of bacteriuria wer ...200516599304
[occurrence of 16s rrna methylase arma producing enterobacteriaceae in a general hospital in warsaw, poland].resistance to gentamicin, amikacin and kanamycin was screened in 270 clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae originated from april 19 to may 19, 2010 in a regular hospital in warsaw, poland. most of the isolated bacteria were considered pathogenic. nineteen isolates (7%) were simultaneously resistant to two or three of the tested aminoglycosides. mics of the three aminoglycosides ranged form 128 to 1024 mcg/ml for six isolates. these isolates were suspected to produce 16s rrna methylase. genes e ...201021114012
[enterobacter cloacae--antimicrobial susceptibility of strains isolated from hospitalized patients in 2004-2005].the profiles of resistance of esbl(-) and esbl(+) strains of enterobacter cloacae were analysed and compared. 466 enterobacter cloacae strains isolated from different specimens obtained from patients of big warsaw hospital in 2004-2005 were investigated. by using the several phenotypic methods 33.5% of strains was identified as esbl(+). esbl(+) strains were significantly less susceptible then esbl(-). these two groups differed mostly in susceptibility to aminoglycosides and fluoroquinolones, e.g ...200920120924
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