environmental control of schistosomiasis through community participation in a moroccan oasis.summary akka oasis, in the province of tata, southern morocco, is one of the oldest foci of urinary schistosomiasis in morocco where transmission is still taking place. we report the results of two studies: a cross-sectional snail survey investigated the distribution of bulinus truncatus in relation to habitat factors in the akka traditional irrigation system. the presence of aquatic vegetation, especially potamogeton sp. was identified as a key factor determining snail occurrence and abundance ...200415361113
national serologic survey of haematobium schistosomiasis in morocco: evidence for elimination.the moroccan health ministry launched a process of eliminating schistosomiasis in 1994. during 2005-2009, the epidemiologic status showed a clear interruption of disease transmission at the national level; only a few residual cases were recorded. our present study is the first systematic serologic survey to evaluate the transmission status in remaining disease-endemic foci. a study population of 2,382 children born after the date of the last autochthonous cases were selected from provinces with ...201121212195
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