[schistosoma haematobium bilharziosis and urinary infections. study of their relationship in 2 villages of niger].in order to assess the relation between urinary schistosomiasis and urinary tract infections (u.t.t.), a study of two villages in the surroundings of niamey (rep. of niger) was undertaken. in the first village located near a rice plantation irrigation scheme, the global prevalence of s. haematobium infection was 77%. boys between 5 to 14 years of age were all infected and their mean egg output was 500 eggs/10 ml of urine. in the second village, where water is supplied from wells, schistosomiasis ...19853986954
[results obtained on s. haematobium by oltipraz in niger (author's transl)].sixty-three outpatients shedding eggs of s. haematobium were treated with 35 mg/kg oltipraz given in two divided doses on a single day (niamey). 75% of the patients were egg-negative at one month and 88.9% at three months. urinary egg excretion was markedly reduced (98%) and the mean egg count per 10 ml urine decreased from 33 before dosing to 0.6 at two months. oltipraz thus appears to be a most interesting drug for urinary schistosomiasis19827105290
recent urban growth and urinary schistosomiasis in niamey, niger.a cluster sample survey was conducted in 1998 in 30 schools to assess the effect of the growth of niamey during the last decade on a urinary schistosomiasis urban focus described in 1989. two thousand and forty-two children (11.0 + 0.1 years old) had a urine filtration test and answered a behavioural questionnaire. snail populations of the sites used by schoolchildren were followed up in 1999. the global prevalence was 15.7% in 1998, as opposed to 23.7% in 1989. the prevalence was very low in sc ...200010929143
[transmission of schistosoma haematobium in the town of niamey, niger].located in an area where schistosoma haematobium is hyperendemic, the town of niamey is a focus of hypoendemicity. the aim of the malacological follow-up studies undertaken over a one year period was the determination of the mollusc species present in the water bodies, the appreciation of their space-time distribution of the snail and to find out the potential seasons of transmission. the investigation applied to 22 sites of transmission in the urban community. four molluscs species (bulinus tru ...200314582291
[reduced morbidity of schistosomiasis: report from an expert workshop on the control of schistosomiasis held at cermes (15-18 february 2000, niamey, niger)].schistosomiasis remains a problem for public health in sub-saharan africa. despite past efforts, cases have not decreased significantly. schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni are endemic in all the west african countries. the distribution of both parasites is focal. during a workshop held at cermes in niamey, in february 2000, a group of experts recommended that schistosomiasis control be considered as a public health priority in all the endemic west african countries, and national control prog ...200011775324
[comparison of 3 metrifonate dosages in mass chemotherapy of schistosoma haematobium].the metrifonate standard cure consisted of three doses of 7.5 to 10 mg/kg at a fortnight interval. these repeated doses increase the total cost of the treatment and the number of incomplete cures. we wanted to verify whether a reduced cure gets still a good efficacy. 286 people from three villages situated near niamey (niger) where treated at random with either 1, 2 or 3 doses of 10 mg/kg metrifonate. before treatment the mean egg-output was 40 eggs/10 ml; 4 months later the cure rate was differ ...19846738337
the who collaborating centre for research and control of schistosomiasis at niamey, niger.the centre de recherche sur les méningites et les schistosomes (cermes) is a research institute depending on the organisation de coordination et de coopération pour la lutte contre les grandes endémies--a west african organization for public health--devoted to the studies on schistosomiasis and meningitis. the staff includes 32 persons with 11 scientists and one financial officer. the activities of the cermes involving schistosomiasis concern three research units: (a) ecology of human and animal ...19979566246
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