[microscopical and serological studies on schistosoma haematobium infection in the south of togo (author's transl)]. 19744614509
[treatment of 700 cases of bilharziasis with the new drugs oxamniquine, oltipraz, praziquantel].the authors study the results of a treatment of 700 cases of bilharziasis seen in paris and in two foci in togo, by oxamniquine, oltipraz or praziquantel. the three drugs are well tolerated; only a few mild side-effects were reported such as discomfort, nausea, headaches (two cases of acrodynia with oltipraz ). the three drugs are very efficacious in the case of schistosomiasis mansoni (85,5% success rate with oxamniquine, 92,9% with praziquantel, from 76,5 to 92% with oltipraz depending on the ...19836673843
[epidemiological and serological assessment of bilharziasis of students at a school in southern togo]. 19807472124
[sterility as a sequela of tubal schistosomiasis].a 21-year old african women presented with primary sterility in the outpatient department of our university hospital. screening examinations, including ultrasound, demonstrated a tumour of 5.8 x 4.1 cm diameter on the left ovary. while performing laparotomy to extirpate this tumour, bilateral occlusion of the tubes was discovered by chromopertubation.this diagnosis led us to perform bilateral salpingostomy and reimplantation of the fallopian tubes. in addition to the ovarian tumour (dermoid), fr ...19957665061
[the prevalence of schistosomiasis in togo. a cross-sectional study conducted in a school setting].as a prelude to a national campaign to control schistosomiasis in togo, mass screening of school children in 22 prefectures was undertaken to determine the extent of endemic schistosomiasis. children were randomly selected for testing. in each case, stool examinations using by the kato-katz method and urine tests (centrifugation of 10 ml) were performed to detect schistosome eggs. a total of 2511 children were tested. the sex ratio was 1.7 and mean age 10.4 years (range: 5 to 20 years). the inci ...199910472583
[reduced morbidity of schistosomiasis: report from an expert workshop on the control of schistosomiasis held at cermes (15-18 february 2000, niamey, niger)].schistosomiasis remains a problem for public health in sub-saharan africa. despite past efforts, cases have not decreased significantly. schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni are endemic in all the west african countries. the distribution of both parasites is focal. during a workshop held at cermes in niamey, in february 2000, a group of experts recommended that schistosomiasis control be considered as a public health priority in all the endemic west african countries, and national control prog ...200011775324
coinfections with schistosoma haematobium, necator americanus, and entamoeba histolytica/entamoeba dispar in children: chemokine and cytokine responses and changes after antiparasite treatment.the effect of polyparasite infections on cytokine and chemokine responses as well as the effect of antiparasite treatment was studied in children without parasite infection (the g0 group), in children singly infected with schistosoma haematobium (the g1 group), and in children multiply infected with s. haematobium/schistosoma mansoni, entamoeba histolytica/entamoeba dispar, and necator americanus (the g3+ group). linear regression analysis disclosed a significant risk for coinfection with hookwo ...200919392635
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