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studies on schistosomiasis in the niger delta: prevalence of schistosoma haematobium among inhabitants of ahoada district. 19863097734
the perception, beliefs and practices toward genitourinary schistosomiasis by inhabitants of selected endemic areas (edo/delta states) in south-eastern nigeria.well-structured questionnaire on the perception, impression and response to genitourinary bilharziasis (genitourinary schistosomiasis) was administered and explained in local languages: 'igbo' 'esan' 'ezon' itshekiri and bini to 33815 inhabitants of selected endemic areas in south-eastern nigeria from january, 1999 to december, 2001. out of this number, 3815 (11.3%) were properly filled and returned. about 42.0% of the inhabitants admitted knowledge of the disease, while 14 (0.4%) knew about the ...200415361973
urine heme dipsticks are useful in monitoring the impact of praziquantel treatment on schistosoma haematobium in sentinel communities of delta state, nigeria.nigeria is highly endemic for infection with schistosoma haematobium, which most commonly manifests itself with blood in urine. to monitor the impact of annual mass drug administration (mda) with praziquantel for s. haematobium in delta state, nigeria, cross-sectional hematuria surveys of school children were conducted in 8 sentinel villages (svs) at baseline (n=240) and after two annual doses (n=402). we assessed the comparability of three assessments of hematuria (child's reported history, nur ...201222245148
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