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studies on schistosomiasis in the niger delta: prevalence of schistosoma haematobium among inhabitants of ahoada district. 19863097734
control of urinary schistosomiasis: an investigation into the effective use of questionnaires to identify high-risk communities and individuals in niger state, nigeria.schistosomiasis is a public health problem in nigeria. although there is a national programme for its control, there is the need for reliable and simple means of rapidly diagnosing communities to provide a detailed map on the distribution of the disease in the country, in order to prioritize control activities, as well as to monitor the effectiveness of control operations. a rapid assessment technique using school questionnaires was tested in borgu local government area (lga), niger state, north ...200010672206
diagnosis of schistosoma haematobium by detection of specific dna fragments from filtered urine samples.abstract. definitive diagnosis of schistosoma haematobium infection in adult patients is a clinically important challenge. chronically infected adults pass few eggs in the urine, which are often missed when current diagnostic methods are used. in the work presented here, we report on an alternative diagnostic method based on presence of the s. haematobium-specific dra 1, 121 bp repeat fragment in human urine. a novel method of collecting the urine specimens in the field and filtering them throug ...201121633040
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