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incidence of schistosomiasis in the urban population of accra, ghana. 19724670823
[the incidence of schistosoma haematobium (bilharz) and schistosoma mansoni (sambon) in urban populations of accra-ghana and of kaduna-nigeria (author's transl)]. 19734147744
mixing of schistosoma haematobium strains in ghana, schistosoma haematobium exists as two strains, one transmitted by bulinus rohlfsi and the other by b. globosus. in anyaboni, a resettlement town, where the field station of the undp/who schistosomiasis research and control project is located, the residents contract the "rohlfsi" strain of the parasite from the volta lake and the "globosus" strain from a stream near the town. the present studies indicate that there is mixing of the two parasite strains on a community and an individual b ...1978310361
sensitivities and specificities of diagnostic tests and infection prevalence of schistosoma haematobium estimated from data on adults in villages northwest of accra, ghana.substantial uncertainties surround the sensitivities and specificities of diagnostic techniques for urinary schistosomiasis. we used latent class (lc) modeling to address this problem. in this study, 220 adults in three villages northwest of accra, ghana were examined using five schistosoma haematobium diagnostic measures: microscopic examination of urine for detection of s. haematobium eggs, dipsticks for detection of hematuria, tests for circulating antigens, antibody tests, and ultrasound sca ...200919270295
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