[treatment of schistosomiasis haematobium with metritionate in opd-patients (author's transl)].40 patients--5 to 50 years of age--voiding eggs of schistosoma haematobium in their urine--underwent treatment with metrifonate at the opd of bong mine hospital, liberia. the patients received 10 mg/kg body weight 3 times at a fortnight's interval. the drug was swallowed under medical supervision. 27 patients no longer passed eggs after the 1. dose of metrifonate, 37 no longer voided eggs after the 2. administration. 1 patient did not show up for control after the 3. dose. theoretically he may n ...19761017847
preliminary epidemiological survey of schistosomiasis in central and southern liberia.some basic epidemiological data on schistosomiasis in central and southern liberia were collected. a study of snail density fluctuations was carried out in waterbodies bordering the road between harbel and gbarnga. samples from schoolchildren living in ten selected villages were examined for schistosoma spp. and other helminths. in the coastal region no snail hosts were found, the prevalence rates in schoolchildren were low and the infections were apparently imported. inland, the intermediate ho ...19806104426
studies on the epidemiology of schistosomiasis in liberia: the prevalence and intensity of schistosomal infections in bong county and the bionomics of the snail intermediate hosts.urine samples from 3548 individuals residing in six of the eight districts which comprise bong county, liberia, the project area of the bong county agricultural development project (bcadp), and fecal specimens from 3408 of these individuals were examined for schistosome ova. a total of 164 water sites, including rice paddies, were surveyed for schistosome vector snails and monthly changes in snail population density and infection rate were determined in selected water sites. bulinus globosus was ...19836138973
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