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the effect of hookworm infection and urinary schistosomiasis on blood hemoglobin concentration of schoolchildren living in northern mozambique.this study aims to assess the association between schistosomiasis and hookworm infection with hemoglobin levels of schoolchildren in northern mozambique. through a cross-sectional survey, 1,015 children from five to 12 years old in the provinces of nampula, cabo delgado and niassa were studied. hookworm infection and urinary schistosomiasis were diagnosed, through ritchie and filtration methods, with a prevalence of 31.3% and 59.1%, respectively. hemoglobin levels were obtained with a portable p ...201724879000
schistosomiasis in northern mozambique.a survey of 12 schools in cabo delgado, northern mozambique, was performed to assess the extent of schistosomiasis infection. questionnaires validated by parasitological examination of stools and urine were used. very high prevalences of schistosoma haematobium infection were found in all schools (77.5% was the lowest recorded), so the questionnaires did not distinguish 'high risk' schools. however, they clearly indicated a good knowledge of the infection by students and teachers. the disease wa ...19989861396
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