metrifonate trial in the treatment of various presentations of schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni infections in the sudan.the effect of metrifonate (bilarcil bayer) on schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni infections was studied in 174 patients near khartoum. a high cure rate was obtained in s. haematobium infections, but anthelmintic efficacy was minimal in patients passing s. mansoni eggs in their stools. there was, however, a marked reduction of egg output in patients passing s. mansoni eggs in urine. this suggests that the site of infection in man, rather than the species of parasite, renders the parasite more ...1978352282
morbidity in relation to the clinical forms and to intensity of infection in schistosoma mansoni infections in the sudan.a study of morbidity in schistosoma mansoni infection was made in 593 sudanese patients seen in a four-year period in khartoum civil hospital. clinical and laboratory findings were compared in three egg-count groups and in four clinical forms of the infection. patients were divided into three levels of intensity of infection: light (up to 100 eggs/gram of stool), moderate (101--400 eggs/g) and heavy (more than 400 eggs/g). according to the presence or absence of visceral enlargement, infected su ...1979534448
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