the prevalence and intensity of infection with schistosoma haematobium in primary school-children of tanga, tanzania. 19705426961
chronic pulmonary disorders, including tropical pulmonary eosinophilia, in villages with endemic lymphatic filariasis in tanga region and in tanga town, investigate the occurrence of tropical pulmonary eosinophilia (tpe), studies were undertaken in 3 villages with endemic lymphatic filariasis in the coastal area of tanga region, tanzania, and in the outpatient clinic of bombo regional hospital in tanga town; 73 persons from the villages and 104 from the outpatient clinic with a history of lung disease suggestive of tpe were included in the study. following clinical examination, lung function tests and chest x-rays were performed. total leucoc ...19957570881
the reliability of self-reported blood in urine and schistosomiasis as indicators of schistosoma haematobium infection in school children: a study in muheza district, tanzania.the use of self-reported blood in urine and schistosomiasis by school children was investigated as a tool to estimate the prevalence of infection with schistosoma haematobium and to identify infected individuals. a general questionnaire about common health problems, including questions about blood in urine and schistosomiasis, was administered by teachers to 25443 children in 137 primary schools in muheza district, tanzania. the prevalence of reported schistosomiasis was calculated for each scho ...19979438475
the health and nutritional status of schoolchildren in africa: evidence from school-based health programmes in ghana and tanzania. the partnership for child development.surveys of the health of schoolchildren in tanga region, tanzania and volta region, ghana are reported. two age groups of both sexes were studied: 8-9 and 12-13 years old. children themselves tend to have a poor perception of their health status. this is confirmed by biomedical surveys. evidence was common of chronic ill-health due to undernutrition, anaemia, parasitic infections and micronutrient deficiencies. the older age groups of both sexes were significantly more stunted (height-for-age z ...19989861390
self-diagnosis as a possible basis for treating urinary schistosomiasis: a study of schoolchildren in a rural area of the united republic of tanzania. partnership for child development.a questionnaire for schoolchildren about symptoms of urinary schistosomiasis is becoming widely used to identify schools where the prevalence of infection with schistosoma haematobium is greater than 50%, the threshold for applying mass treatment. this strategy typically leaves many schools without treatment even though some of the children have urinary schistosomiasis and blood in urine. we examined data collected during an evaluation of a school health programme in tanga region, the united rep ...199910427932
risk factors for anaemia in schoolchildren in tanga region, tanzania.anaemia is one of the major public health problems affecting more than half of school children along the coast in tanzania. due to the multiplicity of its causes it sometimes becomes difficult to find appropriate intervention measures. in order to assist schools in implementing appropriate public health measures for anaemia in tanga region of tanzania risk factors were investigated in school children. a total of 845 schoolchildren age 7-14 years were randomly selected in a cross-sectional survey ...200819402580
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