distribution and ecology of bulinus truncatus in khuzestan, iran.the results of a 5-year study on the distribution and ecology of bulinus truncatus in khuzestan, south-western iran, are described. live snails were found in 4 foci, namely, the main focus, the upper karun river, the lower karkheh river, and the bala rud watershed; in addition, dead snails were found in 3 other foci. the patchy distribution of snails was related to the presence of surface waters and to their chemical composition.monthly observations on the population dynamics of the snails and o ...19685304436
progress in the national schistosomiasis control programme of iran.a combination of chemotherapy and mollusciciding has been used in khuzestan, south-west iran, since 1966, to try to control urinary schistosomiasis. the total amount of molluscicide used each year varied between 702 and 3505 kg and between 287 and 1320 infected persons were detected and treated annually. the prevalence of infection has gradually declined from 8.3% in 1970 to 0.7% in 1979. similarly, the incidence of infection among schoolchildren decreased from 3.5% in 1970 to 0.7% in 1979. the ...19826982780
elimination of urogenital schistosomiasis in iran: past history and the current recent years, through a national programme for schistosomiasis control, this infection has been eliminated from iran. the aim of this study was to report the process of significant decrease of urogenital schistosomiasis in southwestern iran. during national programme surveillance for urogenital schistosomiasis control which was implemented by centres for disease control and prevention (cdc) of khuzestan province from 1975 to 2013, more than 1·3 million urine samples were taken from inhabitant ...201627279000
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