integration of schistosomiasis-control activities into the primary-health-care system in the gizan region, saudi arabia.a few decades ago, the prevalence of schistosoma haematobium infection in the human inhabitants of the gizan region of saudi arabia was very high (43%-91%). a vertical programme for the control of the disease, by case finding, treatment of infected individuals and by chemical snail control, was begun in 1974 and led to significant reductions in prevalence in most areas. in 1989 the control activities were gradually integrated into the primary-health-care (phc) system. several schools in the area ...19979579210
progress achieved in the elimination of schistosomiasis from the jazan region of saudi arabia.among the inhabitants of the jazan region of saudi arabia, the prevalence and intensity of schistosoma haematobium infection have been kept very low for several years, by sustained control efforts. the success of the interventions, which were based on case finding, the treatment of infected individuals, and the chemical and environmental control of freshwater snails, led, in mid-2002, to a strategy to eliminate human infection with s. haematobium from jazan. the strategy, which was based on regu ...200516004707
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