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prevalence and control of schistosoma haematobium infections in the amran subprovince of the yemen arab republic.803 schoolchildren in the subprovince of amran were examined for s. haematobium. the prevalence was 28.9%. stool samples of 92 children were negative for s. mansoni eggs. bulinus snails were most frequent, whereas biomphalaria were rare. control measures included chemotherapy and mollusciciding. the prevalence in 8 selected villages could be reduced by this from 36.3% down to 5.1%. no gross haematuria and only one single case of heavy infection were detected. eradication of this disease seems fe ...19892505380
evaluation of a programme for control of schistosoma haematobium infection in intervention study was conducted in khamir, north of sana'a, for control of urinary schistosomiasis using chemotherapy and health education. the validity and cost-effectiveness of reagent strips as a rapid diagnostic tool to screen for schistosoma haematobium infection was also assessed along with visible haematuria. prevalence of s. haematobium infection 14 months post-intervention fell from 58.9% to 5.8% and frequency of heavy infection from 40.0% to 18.9%. health education sessions resulte ...200516761668
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