expression of virulence-related properties by, and intestinal adhesiveness of, vibrio mimicus strains isolated from aquatic environments.a study of the major pathogenic characteristics of vibrio mimicus was carried out with 77 strains isolated from aquatic environments in okayama, japan. of the strains tested, 96% demonstrated in vitro adherence to the rabbit intestinal mucosa, of which 36, 20, and 43% belonged to the strongly, moderately, and weakly adhesive groups, respectively. of the 27 strains which appeared to be enterotoxigenic in the experiments using rabbit ileal loops, 74% belonged to the strongly adhesive group. all st ...19968837444
ecology of vibrio mimicus in aquatic environmental study was done to examine the prevalence of vibrio mimicus in some aquatic environments of dhaka, bangladesh, and of okayama, japan. water samples from dhaka environments and water and plankton samples from okayama environments were quantitatively as well as qualitatively analyzed throughout the seasons for v. mimicus. the organism was isolated from bangladesh environments throughout the year, whereas it was not isolated in okayama when the water temperature fell below 10 degree ...19892782878
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