a new species of gnathostoma (nematoda: gnathostomatidae) in procyon lotor hernandezii from mexico.gnathostoma lamothei n. sp., inhabiting the stomach of procyon lotor hernandezii wagler, 1831, in tlacotalpan, veracruz state, and rio sapo, oaxaca, mexico, is described. this new species differs from all other congeners by having the posterior half of the body surface covered by rows of tiny round bosses instead of spines, or lacking ornamentations. sequences of the its2 of the ribosomal dna of g. lamothei n. sp. are compared with sequences of other species of the genus recorded in mexico; they ...200516419762
precocity of gnathostoma turgidum in naturally infected four-eyed opossum philander opossum pallidus from temascal, oaxaca, mexico.two female advanced third-stage larvae of gnathostoma turgidum recovered from the liver of one naturally infected four-eyed opossum philander opossum pallidus collected in oaxaca, mexico, were morphologically examined. because of some characteristics, the larvae do not fit into the typical advanced third-stage. the body shows a size at least three times larger than expected and rows of spines only in the anterior part of the body surface. consequently, in this research, we document for the first ...201019936791
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