associations of serologic markers of infection and inflammation with vascular disease events and mortality in american dialysis patients.inflammatory markers predict cardiovascular risk and mortality in endstage renal disease. the relationship of chronic infections to inflammation and vascular disease events has not been reported among american dialysis patients.200616544178
mycoplasma pneumoniae and chlamydia pneumoniae strain twar infections in u.s. marine corps recruits.paired sera from 208 healthy marine corps recruits undergoing 11 weeks of basic training in san diego during 1989 were studied by complement fixation and microimmunofluorescence techniques for antibody to mycoplasma pneumoniae and chlamydia pneumoniae strain twar infections. upon entering training, 52.7% and 64.4% of the recruits had evidence of prior infection with m. pneumoniae and c. pneumoniae, respectively. at the end of training, 5.9% of recruits had evidence of new infections with m. pneu ...199420058422
evidence for mycoplasma ssp., chlamydia pneunomiae, and human herpes virus-6 coinfections in the blood of patients with autistic spectrum disorders.we examined the blood of 48 patients from central and southern california diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders (asd) by using forensic polymerase chain reaction and found that a large subset (28/48 or 58.3%) of patients showed evidence of mycoplasma spp. infections compared with two of 45 (4.7%) age-matched control subjects (odds ratio = 13.8, p < 0.001). because asd patients have a high prevalence of one or more mycoplasma spp. and sometimes show evidence of infections with chlamydia pneu ...200717265454
a prospective study of chlamydia pneumoniae infection and risk of ms in two us cohorts.chlamydia pneumoniae (cpn) has been proposed as a possible etiologic agent in multiple sclerosis (ms). however, previous studies were cross-sectional and could not assess whether cpn infection preceded the onset of ms.200415159481
lack of association between kawasaki syndrome and chlamydia pneumoniae infection: an investigation of a kawasaki syndrome cluster in san diego county.the etiology of kawasaki syndrome (ks), the leading cause of acquired coronary artery disease in children, is unknown. recent studies have suggested that chlamydia pneumoniae, a common respiratory pathogen associated with an increased risk of heart disease, might lead to ks.200010643845
chlamydophila pneumoniae infection among basic underwater demolition/seal (bud/s) candidates, coronado, california, july pneumonia can compromise readiness of recruits and service members operating in confined spaces. often respiratory pathogens are implicated in outbreaks. in july 2008, 5 basic underwater demolition/seal students entering an intense period of training at naval amphibious base coronado reported with clinical symptoms and chest radiographs consistent with pneumonia. throat and nasal swabs were tested for respiratory pathogens. molecular evidence indicated that they were infected ...201121456360
the incidence of chlamydia pneumoniae lower respiratory tract infections among university students in northern california.chlamydia pneumoniae has recently been identified as a cause of lower respiratory tract infections. from march 1987 to march 1988, 259 university students-151 students with lower respiratory tract infections and 108 controls-from the university of california, berkeley, were studied to determine the incidence and pattern of c pneumoniae lower respiratory tract infections. serologic evidence of a recent c pneumoniae infection was found in less than 2%, and the organism was not isolated from any of ...19911926842
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