[site of care provision, etiology and treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in palma de mallorca].it is not common that community-acquired pneumonias studies include patients non treated in hospital. the objectives were: to determine the cases managed in the ambulatory setting; to describe the clinical features; to identify the aetiological agents, and to describe the treatment, comparing inpatients with outpatients.19989567255
association of hla-drb3*0202 and serum igg antibodies to chlamydia pneumoniae with essential hypertension in a highly homogeneous population from majorca (balearic islands, spain).separate studies investigating the relationship of essential hypertension (eh) with the hla system and with chlamydia pneumoniae (c. pneumoniae) infection have given conflicting results. our aim was to clarify these relationships and determine whether the hla system and c. pneumoniae infection interact with respect to the risk for eh. an association study (110 essential hypertensives and 107 controls) was conducted in a highly homogeneous population in the balearic island of majorca (spain). mol ...200515905891
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