acute respiratory symptoms in adults in general studies have shown that approximately 30% of patients with acute respiratory tract symptoms have no identifiable infective aetiology. this may not be applicable in general practice.200415128697
identification of human metapneumovirus and chlamydophila pneumoniae in children with asthma and wheeze in singapore.the aim of our study was to determine if human metapneumovirus (hmpv) and chlamydophila pneumoniae (cp) could be detected in singaporean asthmatic children and wheezing infants during an acute asthma attack.200717384874
chlamydia pneumoniae igg seropositivity and clinical history of ischemic heart disease in singapore.there is still substantial uncertainty concerning the association between chlamydia pneumoniae and ischemic heart disease. this may partly be explained by the adjustment for potential confounders in different population studies. this is the first study in singapore to look at the association of c. pneumoniae seropositivity with ischemic heart disease in a multivariate analysis. a random sample of 714 persons aged between 35 and 69 years was selected from the participants of the singapore nationa ...200314582560
seroprevalence of igg antibodies against chlamydia pneumoniae in chinese, malays and asian indians in singapore.chlamydia pneumoniae, a bacterium that causes respiratory infections, is probably under-diagnosed. there is also interest in its possible role in the aetiology of coronary heart disease. this is the first population-based seroprevalence survey of c. pneumoniae infection in singapore.200212435775
two cases of lower respiratory tract infection due to chlamydia pneumonia in singapore.chlamydia pneumoniae, previously known as chlamydia psittaci strain twar, causes both upper and lower respiratory tract infection. we report the first two cases of culture-positive chlamydia pneumoniae lower respiratory infection in singapore. both patients had underlying fibrosing alveolitis and presented with a history of prolonged productive cough and fever. chlamydia pneumoniae was isolated from the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in the absence of other pathogens. the patients responded clinic ...19958838997
lack of association between chronic chlamydophila pneumoniae infection and lung cancer among nonsmoking chinese women in singapore. 200515578725
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