pcr and serology were effective for identifying chlamydophila pneumoniae in a lower respiratory infection outbreak among military recruits.during endemic infections, the sensitivity of diagnostic tests and rapid diagnosis of the respiratory tract pathogens is particularly important. utilization of just one diagnostic technique, such as serological tests or polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based detection methods, during outbreaks of lower respiratory tract infections (lri) can result in some of the patients being missed. in this study we aimed to investigate the etiology of lri in military recruits in izmir, turkey, among whom sever ...200717515640
prevalence of chlamydia pneumoniae specific antibodies in different clinical situations and healthy subjects in izmir, turkey.serological markers for chlamydia pneumoniae were investigated by using the microimmunofluorescence (mif) test in various age and patient groups in a specific area in turkey. igg seropositivity to c. pneumoniae was 64.3% and 18.7% in healthy adults and children, respectively. the highest positivity rate (77%) was in the 15-19 age group. among the groups investigated, serological findings revealed a possible etiological association between c. pneumoniae and the clinical condition in the groups wi ...19989744685
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