west nile virus studies in the sanliurfa province of turkey.we attempted to isolate west nile virus from mosquitoes collected in the field for the first time in turkey. a total of 6,457 mosquito specimens from culex pipiens linnaeus, ochlerotatus caspius (pallas) and aedes spp. species were included in this study. culex pipiens samples made up 56% of the total species, o. caspius 24% and aedes spp 20%. there were no positive results after studying mosquito samples using real-time pcr, vectest, and vero cell culture. in serological tests of 181 human seru ...200718260509
field evaluation of an area repellent system (thermacell) against phlebotomus papatasi (diptera: psychodidae) and ochlerotatus caspius (diptera: culicidae) in sanliurfa province, turkey.a field evaluation of a new area repellent system, thermacell mosquito repellent (tmr, cis-trans allethrin), was conducted against phlebotomine sand flies and mosquitoes in cunpolat village, sanliurfa province, in southeastern anatolia, turkey, an area historically endemic for cutaneous leishmaniasis and high sand fly populations. the objective of this study was to determine the efficacy, duration of protection, and spatial characteristics of protection (downwind distance from point of release), ...200314765672
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