comparison of two methods (microscopy and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) for the diagnosis of amebiasis.diagnosis of amebiasis is usually performed on a clinical basis alone in most endemic countries having limited economic resources. this epidemiological study was conducted using modern diagnostic tests for amebiasis in the southeastern region of turkey, an endemic area for amebiasis. the population of this study included patients with symptomatic diarrhea/dysentery attending both yuzuncu yil university, van and harran university, sanliurfa, turkey. a total of 380 stool specimens were collected a ...200515955332
[prevalence of intestinal parasites among workers in food sector in van region].stool and cellophane tape specimens were taken for parasitological examination from 739 people who work in food sector and applied to the public health lab of the van health administration for porter examination. parasites were determined at 131 people (17.71%) of 739 worker whom samples were investigated. ninety-five people had one, 30 people had two, 5 people had three and one person had four parasite species. parasites determined in the study were 19.08% helminthes and 80.91% protozoon. in th ...200718224624
[intestinal parasitoses detected in primary schoolchildren in the van province].this study was carried out on school children in primary schools in the van province in order to investigate the distribution of intestinal parasitoses. the study was conducted in 7-15 year-old primary schoolchildren during the years from 2003-2005. stool specimens were taken from 2975 school children; of these, 1289 were female and 1686, male. the specimens were examined by native-lugol, flotation and trichrome staining methods in the parasitology laboratory of the health research and training ...200920101580
[investigation of intestinal parasites in students of mustafa cengiz primary school in van].intestinal parasites still maintain as a major public health problem in our country. in this study, we aimed to investigate the distribution of intestinal parasites in 1st and 2nd grade students of mustafa cengiz primary school, aged between 7-9 and to contribute to the parasitological data of our province. for this purpose, stool examinations of a total of 195 students, including 82 boys and 113 girls, were performed. the results of the microscopic analysis of stool samples revealed one or more ...201020954118
[investigation of cryptosporidium sp. in workers of the van municipality slaughterhouse and in slaughtered animals].this study was carried out in order to investigate the prevalence of cryptosporidium sp. in slaughtered animals and workers of the van municipality slaughterhouse in van. animals slaughtered at different times and workers who had been working in different departments of the slaughter house were included in the study for three months. a total of 309 fecal specimens from animals including 167 sheep, 56 goats and 86 cattle and 87 fecal specimens from workers were examined for cryptosporidium sp. oo ...200818351543
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