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prevalence of heartworm (dirofilaria immitis leidy) in coyotes from five northern california counties.prevalence rates of heartworm in coyotes was estimated for five northern california counties by examining hearts of coyotes obtained from federal or private trappers. prevalence rates range from 8.3-27.3%, but the proportion of infected coyotes can vary between two regions of the same county. in general, it seems that higher infection rates are found in the foothill regions of the coastal range and sierra nevada, decreasing towards the floor of the sacramento valley as well as at higher elevatio ...19827125062
reconstructing the spread of dirofilaria immitis in california coyotes.dirofilaria immitis is a filarial nematode parasite that is currently widely enzootic in dog and coyote (canis latrans) populations of california. weak historical evidence suggests that the initial focus of d. immitis in california occurred 3 decades ago in the sierra nevada foothills (snf) and spread to other parts of california thereafter. however, this hypothesis is difficult to evaluate because of the lack of epidemiological studies on heartworm in california before 1970. we investigated thi ...200312760647
survey of 11 western states for heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) infection, heartworm diagnostic and prevention protocols, and fecal examination protocols for gastrointestinal parasites.heartworm infection in dogs and cats in the western united states is a fairly new phenomenon, and for this reason it is often considered to be of minimal significance. the purpose of this survey was to collect data from 11 western states (arizona, california, colorado, idaho, montana, nevada, new mexico, oregon, utah, washington, and wyoming) in an effort to assess awareness of heartworm disease and identify areas in which improvement in understanding is needed. to accomplish this goal, veterina ...200718183548
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