prevalence of circulating heartworm antigen in dogs in northeastern colorado.heartworm antigenemia was evaluated and found to be negative in 1010 dogs in northeastern colorado that were examined at the colorado state university veterinary teaching hospital. the estimated prevalence of canine heartworm for the native northeastern colorado population was determined to be 0.3% and is similar to the prevalence reported 10 years ago in the same area. we conclude there has not been an increase in prevalence of heartworm in the last 10 years; because of the low prevalence, ther ...19911954742
dirofilaria immitis in west central colorado. 19807218108
prevalence of naturally occurring dirofilaria immitis infection among nondomestic cats housed in an area in which heartworms are determine prevalences of heartworm exposure (ie, positive heartworm antibody test results) and heartworm infection (ie, positive heartworm antigen test results or identification of mature heartworms at necropsy) among nondomestic cats housed in an area in rural north carolina where dirofilaria immitis is known to be endemic and among nondomestic cats housed in areas with a low prevalence of dirofilariasis or in an area considered to be free from heartworms.200516013550
survey of 11 western states for heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) infection, heartworm diagnostic and prevention protocols, and fecal examination protocols for gastrointestinal parasites.heartworm infection in dogs and cats in the western united states is a fairly new phenomenon, and for this reason it is often considered to be of minimal significance. the purpose of this survey was to collect data from 11 western states (arizona, california, colorado, idaho, montana, nevada, new mexico, oregon, utah, washington, and wyoming) in an effort to assess awareness of heartworm disease and identify areas in which improvement in understanding is needed. to accomplish this goal, veterina ...200718183548
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