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pulmonary dirofilariasis. the largest single-hospital experience.pulmonary dirofilariasis caused by dirofilaria immitis, the dog heartworm, is a rarely reported pulmonary lesion. it most often appears as a solitary pulmonary nodule, often mistaken for a primary or metastatic lung tumor, and the diagnosis is not often established until thoracotomy with excisional lung biopsy is performed. sporadic reports of pulmonary dirofilariasis in the united states total only 87 cases. the ten resections of pulmonary dirofilariasis at the methodist hospital in houston, te ...19921516414
incidental findings of dirofilaria immitis in domestic cats. 19744493827
dirofilaria immitis in military dogs--diagnosis, incidence and treatment. 19705198013
presumptive dirofilariasis in a pale-headed saki monkey (pithecia pithecia).a 6-yr-old male pale-headed saki monkey (pithecia pithecia), born at the dallas zoo, reentered the collection in 1994 after it was housed for 4 yr in rhode island and 2 yr in florida. the monkey tested negative for both dirofilaria immitis microfilariae and d. immitis adult antigens (via commercially available tests) upon return. however, it tested positive for adult antigens 1 yr later, and additional testing, including ultrasonography, suggested a diagnosis of aberrant dirofilariasis. relevant ...19989638626
effect of short-term coyote removal on populations of coyote helminths.coyote (canis latrans) removal programs often are initiated despite the potential population regulatory mechanism of parasitism with increased coyote density. we investigated the effect of intensive, short-term coyote removal on population levels of helminths in juvenile and adult coyotes from western texas. coyotes were killed by aerial gunning every 3 mo for 2 yr on two 5,000 ha areas, which reduced the overall coyote density of these areas by about 50%. two other 5,000 ha areas were used as c ...200211838229
helminths of the ocelot from southern the usa, the ocelot (leopardus pardalis) is a highly endangered felid found only in a few remaining vestiges of native thornshrub brushland in the lower rio grande valley (lrgv) of extreme southern texas. from 1987-1998, carcasses of 15 adult ocelots that died of vehicular accidents or natural causes were examined for helminths. all cats had 1-8 (mean = 3) helminth species. all were infected with 1-101 (mean +/- se = 32 +/- 7) toxascaris leonina. other helminths from these ocelots were alaria ...200314567231
seroprevalence of dirofilaria immitis, feline leukemia virus, and feline immunodeficiency virus infection among dogs and cats exported from the 2005 gulf coast hurricane disaster determine seroprevalence of dirofilariasis in dogs and seroprevalences of dirofilariasis, felv infection, and fiv infection in cats exported from the gulf coast region following the 2005 hurricanes.200717630887
babesia canis rossi infection in a texas dog.a 5-month-old intact male boerboel dog, imported from south africa 1 week previously, was presented to a texas veterinarian for lethargy, anorexia, and labored breathing. the dog was febrile, anemic, leukopenic, thrombocytopenic, and slightly azotemic. results of the idexx snap-4dx enzyme immunoassay were negative for dirofilaria immitis antigen and antibodies against ehrlichia canis, borrelia burgdorferi, and anaplasma phagocytophilum. an edta blood sample analyzed at oklahoma state university ...201121790699
detection of dirofilaria immitis and ehrlichia species in coyotes (canis latrans), from rural oklahoma and texas.there is a lack of knowledge regarding the prevalence of dirofilaria immitis and ehrlichia spp. in coyotes in oklahoma and texas. documenting the prevalence of these vector-borne disease agents in coyotes from oklahoma and texas underscores the importance of wild canids as reservoir hosts that infect companion animals and humans. to learn more about the sylvatic cycle of d. immitis and ehrlichia spp. in coyotes from oklahoma and texas, we tested for infection with and exposure to, respectively, ...201222448722
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