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[canine heartworm on são luís island, northeastern brazil: a potential zoonosis].a survey on the prevalence of canine heartworm was conducted in 1, 495 dogs from maranhão island, state of maranhão, northeastern brazil, from 1991 to 1994, by testing for microfilariae in blood. of the total, 1,358 (12.8% of which were infected) were dogs with no known history; they included 1,265 homeless animals (10.3% with microfilariae) and 93 kept by owners at the time the survey was conducted (37.8% of which were infected). prevalence is high among dogs captured and/or living along the se ...199910409793
[mosquitoes potential vectors of canine heartworm in the northeast region from brazil].in some coastal districts of são luís, capital of the state of maranhão, brazil, the prevalence of dirofilaria immitis is more than 40% in house dogs. natural potential vectors, as found in other areas of northeastern brazil, are unknown. the aim of this study was to identify probable vectors of the disease.199910689372
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