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survey of canine heartworm in the city of recife, pernambuco, brazil.six hundred and eleven random-source dogs (338 male, 273 female) one year of age or older, from six sections of the city of recife, pernambuco, were examined antemortem for circulating microfilariae dirofilaria immitis and dipetalonema reconditum adult heartworm (d. immitis) antigen, and examined postmortem for adult heartworms. the prevalence of heartworm infection was 2.3% (14/611), as determined by necropsy for adult worms, and 1% (6/611) had circulating microfilariae of d. immitis; thus, 57. ...199910464398
occurrence of immature forms of culicids (insecta: diptera) in the northeastern region of brazil.the culicidae family is represented by approximately 3,610 species, among which many are involved in transmission of pathogens and parasites, thus presenting great medical-veterinary importance. in brazil, the state of pernambuco is considered an endemic area for many diseases vectored by mosquitoes, such as human and canine filariasis, caused by wuchereria bancrofti and dirofilaria immitis, respectively. the aim of this study was to evaluate the occurrence of immature forms of culicids, over an ...201425054499
exposure to vector-borne pathogens in privately owned dogs living in different socioeconomic settings in brazil.this survey was conducted in four brazilian cities, from three federative units (pernambuco, minas gerais, and federal district), representing different socioeconomic settings, to determine the presence of antibodies to or antigens and dna of selected pathogens in privately owned dogs. from january to april 2015, blood and serum samples were collected and assayed using different tests. in particular, antibodies to anaplasma spp., borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, and ehrlichia spp., and antigens ...201728807290
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