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a prevalence survey and risk analysis of filariosis in dogs from the mt. vesuvius area of southern italy.a dog microfilariae prevalence and risk factor survey was conducted in 51 contiguous municipalities of the mt. vesuvius area (campania region, southern italy) in order to add data to the limited epidemiological information available regarding filarial worms in this zone. between may 1999 and june 2000, blood samples were collected from 351 asymptomatic dogs. blood samples were examined using a modified knott's technique and histochemical staining in order to count and identify microfilariae. the ...200111777604
dirofilaria immitis and angiostrongylus vasorum: the contemporaneous detection in kennels.the cardiopulmonary nematodes dirofilaria immitis and angiostrongylus vasorum are increasingly reported in dogs and are responsible for two diseases with overlapping endemic areas, especially in europe: dirofilariosis and angiostrongylosis. the reasons for their apparent emergence are unknown, but several factors (e.g. increased disease awareness, better diagnostic tools, climatic changes, seasonal population dynamics and movements of animals) may play a role in the recent rise in reports of inf ...201526689960
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