mosquito-based survey for the detection of flaviviruses and filarial nematodes in aedes albopictus and other anthropophilic mosquitoes collected in northern order to optimize resources, an assay allowing the detection of several etiological agents would be useful. this paper describes a polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based assay for the parallel detection of different pathogens in mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae). the assay combines the analysis of both rna and dna, hence allowing the detection of both flaviviruses (flaviviridae: flavivirus) and filarial nematodes (spirurida: onchocercidae). the sensitivity of diagnostic assay for both flavivirus ...200819123300
a case of human conjunctival dirofilariosis by dirofilaria immitis in italy.this short communication describes a case of human conjunctival dirofilariosis by dirofilaria immitis. a 51-year-old man from the emilia-romagna region of northeastern italy referred for ocular foreign body sensation in his right eye. a slight swelling of the bulbar conjunctiva was observed. a live, whitish, 10-cm-long nematode was extracted from the subconjunctival space. histology revealed typical features of a filarioid nematode belonging to the genus dirofilaria sp. molecular analysis with p ...201120846011
human subcutaneous dirofilariasis. 2. a report of 5 new cases of dirofilaria repens in central and northern italy and of a sixth case with uncertain parasitological diagnosis.six new human cases of subcutaneous filariasis (histological sections) in lombardia, emilia-romagna and toscana are described. five of them are to attribute to dirofilaria repens, whereas some doubts exist with regard to one case. the findings are compared with histological sections of male and female specimens of d. repens and d. immitis recovered from naturally infected dogs.19826926933
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