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first finding of dirofilaria repens in a natural population of aedes albopictus.the invasive mosquito aedes albopictus (skuse) (diptera: culicidae) has become widespread in italy during the past decade. also italy has foci of canine filariasis caused by dirofilaria (spirurida: onchocercidae), due to subcutaneous d. repens railliet & henry as well as the dog heartworm d. immitis (leidy) transmitted by various vector mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae). in 2002, at fiumicino, west of rome (lazio region), 17% of dogs were found to have d. repens microfilariae in peripheral blood. ...200314651660
aedes albopictus and culex pipiens implicated as natural vectors of dirofilaria repens in central identify the natural vectors of dirofilaria repens railliet et henry, entomological samplings were carried out in four sites within the lazio region, foci of canine subcutaneous dirofilariasis. collections were made in 2002-2003 by means of dog-baited and miniature centers for disease control and prevention traps as well as on humans. microscopy identified 1576 attracted mosquito females as belonging to six species, but molecular diagnostics detected filarial dna only in culex pipiens l. and ...200718047207
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