immunodiagnosis of parasitic zoonoses: comparative efficacy of three immunofluorescence tests using antigens purified by affinity chromatography.three immunofluorescent antibody assays were developed during this study: the direct (dfat) and indirect (ifat) fluorescent antibody tests using frozen worm sections, and the cyanogen bromide indirect fluorescent antibody test (cnbr-ifat) using helminth antigens purified by affinity chromatography bound on to commercially prepared cnbr-sepharose 4b beads. purified antigens used in the cnbr-ifat gave greater specificity and sensitivity than either the dfat or ifat. dirofilaria immitis, toxocara c ...1978354114
the humoral response in natural dirofilaria immitis infections in dogs.plasma samples from dogs with infections of dirofilaria immitis were assessed using elisa and western blotting techniques. these results were then assessed in relation to age and sex of the host, and to the numbers of microfilariae and adult filariae. dogs with microfilariae tended to have lower levels of infection. in infected dogs, mean elisa titres increased directly with the degree of infection. dogs that were either young or mildly infected, showed a preferential antibody reactivity to anti ...19911807247
potential vectors of dirofilaria immitis in the brisbane area of queensland, australia. 19684386861
the incidence of dirofilaria immitis (heartworm) in dogs in queensland. 19695393091
observations on the treatment of dirofilaria immitis infection in dogs in brisbane. 19705433871
a survey of heartworm in dogs in australia.a survey conducted throughout australia indicated that dirofilaria immitis was far more widespread than previously described. it was prevalent throughout queensland and new south wales, including the western regions and was increasing in incidence. confusion exists as to which diagnostic tests to use and the methods of treatment are extremely variable.19846529396
periodicity exhibited by microfilariae of dirofilaria immitis in south east queensland. 19817259642
dingoes (canis dingo meyer, 1793) continue to be an important reservoir host of dirofilaria immitis in low density housing areas in australia.heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) is a parasitic nematode responsible for canine and feline cardiopulmonary dirofilariasis and human zoonotic filariosis in both tropical and temperate regions throughout the world. importantly, this study in the wet tropics of far north queensland found d. immitis remains at high prevalence (72.7%) in wild dingoes in low density housing areas in australia. this prevalence is equivalent to the highest levels seen in wild dogs in australia and represents an ongoing r ...201626790730
prevalence of naturally occurring dirofilaria immitis infection among nondomestic cats housed in an area in which heartworms are determine prevalences of heartworm exposure (ie, positive heartworm antibody test results) and heartworm infection (ie, positive heartworm antigen test results or identification of mature heartworms at necropsy) among nondomestic cats housed in an area in rural north carolina where dirofilaria immitis is known to be endemic and among nondomestic cats housed in areas with a low prevalence of dirofilariasis or in an area considered to be free from heartworms.200516013550
dirofilariasis with conjunctival inflammation. 19979236762
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